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The game openers

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Everything you need to know about using openers to start a conversation with a woman.

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There seems to be a mystery as to what sort of opening lines you should use to start a conversation with a woman. Neil Strauss used a lot of acronyms in the book to describe elements of a sort of sub-culture he was involved in.

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What makes a pua opener different then a pick up line is that generally openers do not start out with a strong statement of interest. Instead, most openers leave the woman guessing on your intention.

This makes you seem more interesting to the woman. And allows her to put her guard down for a minute and gives you an opportunity to connect with her.

The sole job of an opener is said to be to start a conversation with a girl. I disagree a little about this. I believe that a good pua opener just several jobs. A good opener starts a conversation with a girl in a way that differentiates you from most of the other guys who have approached her in the past.

A good opener allows you to start a conversation The game openers a woman in that skips over the The game openers, boring small talk that kills most approaches pretty quickly.

A good opener engages everyone the woman is talking to. When approaching a group you should always open the entire group.

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But that is just one type of opener. So generally there are — I classify about five different The game openers to start a conversation. One is directly using a direct opener. The second is using an indirect opener. Third is using a gimmicky type of opener. Fourth is a situational type of opener. There is no hiding the fact that you have come over here to hit on her.

What differentiates a direct opener from a standard pick up line is your delivery. You are not complimenting the woman to seek her approval.

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Your unapologetic attitude is what makes you so attractive to her. Indirect is either making a vague statement, or asking her opinion on something.

Gimmicky openers are something that it takes a certain type of personality to use.

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It can be something like pretending your doing an interview, The game openers a prop, or doing magic. The next type of openers that PUAs use are situational. To use a situation opener you just need to become aware of what is going on around you. And as soon as you notice something worth commenting on, you can just turn to the woman and start the conversation.

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So those are the main types of PUA openers that you can use at a bar or club to The game openers a conversation with a girl. I think you can clearly see that these are way different then using cheesy pick up lines you might have heard used on some sitcom on television. Now since most of you have already read the book The Game by Neil Strauss, I will not include pua openers listed in that book.

These are 5 openers taken from the Little Black Book of Openers.

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