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Dove deep moisture creamy facial cleanser

XXX pics Dove deep moisture creamy facial cleanser.

From the website, this contains: This comes in a white tube, very simple, and I was really quite skeptical about it.

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I have always wanted to use Dove but I did not like the bar too much since it leaves a slippery residue on my skin. This has a very simple packaging with very minimal color use and design. The product looks plain white, like white cream.

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Its consistency is like a cream, a little thick and slippery. It is very easy to spread too.

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I took a very small amount, pea sized, and started putting some product on my wet face. It was very smooth, had a very mild smell, and it created a lot of lather.

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I massaged the product on my face for about 1 minute. I rinsed it, and for some reason it did not leave a slippery residue on my face as I expected it to do.