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Keira Knightley has starred in such films as Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirates of the Carribean star Keira Knightley sitting topless in a bathtub, her left breast visible as sits with her knees pulled up and smokes a cigarette. Updated to higher quality. Keira Knightley seen topless during a love scene with a guy, and then showing us her right breast again afterwards as she lies on her side in Keria nightly the hole nude clips and pulls a pillow to her chest.

Keira Knightley nude while having sex with a guy - this longer version giving us some better looks at her breasts in the process. An alternate version of her love scene from the Blu-ray extras.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley lying down as a guy kisses her and grabs her through her jeans. He then undoes her shirt to reveal her bra and begins to pull off her jeans as another guy kneels next to them and watches. Keira then gets up and pulls her bra down to flash her breasts as one of the guys watches. Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Caribbean fame lying naked and dead on a morgue table with her breasts exposed and an Keria nightly the hole nude clips down the middle of her chest all while some women exam her body and talk about her and then look at a naked man's body before returning to Keira again.

Keira Knightley going topless during a Keria nightly the hole nude clips scene with a guy in a desert, baring her breasts and a bit of her ass. Hi-res DVD capture from Domino. Keira Knightley walking away from a guy and then up some stairs while wearing tight black leather pants and purple panties with the top of her ass crack sticking out.

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Keira Knightley wearing tight black leather pants and purple panties as the Keria nightly the hole nude clips zooms in in slow motion on the top of her ass crack sticking out.

Keira Knightley wearing a see-through black bra that occasionally shows her nipples and black panties as she moves her ass around and grinds on a guy while giving him a lap dance as a bunch of other people watch. Keira Knightley giving us a good look at her butt while wearing wet black bikini bottoms as she adjusts them as she gets out of a pool in slow motion.

Keira Knightley sitting on the edge of a bed in some undergarments that show cleavage as she has her hair fixed.

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Keira Knightley reclined on her side as she stares into the distance while naked, one leg and hip visible and her arm covering her right breast.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl star Keira Knightley having her shirt removed by a guy and then laying back topless as he kisses her stomach and chest in this love scene.

Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Carribean fame sitting topless in bed, revealing her left breast as she kisses a guy. Hi-res DVD capture from Silk. Keira Knightley lying on her side in bed, her bare breasts exposed as she kisses a guy and he holds her from behind.

Keira Knightley showing her bare right breast while having sex with a guy in bed.

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Keira Knightley seen from a nearby window as she strips down to her slip and dips into a fountain, emerging from the water in her very clingy, see-through clothes. Hi-res DVD capture from Atonement. Keira Knightley undressing down to her slip as she slides into a fountain and retrieves something from the water.

As she emerges, her clothes see-through and clinging to her body, we can make out some nipple and perhaps bush under the wet fabric. Keira Knightley walking across a room in a green dress with no bra and hard nipples and having her breasts jiggle all as a guy follows her from behind.

Keira Knightley passionately making out with a guy while kissing him in a library Keria nightly the hole nude clips then having him lift her dress up and sticking her hand down his pants before he thrusts into her and they pause briefly until they start having intense sex up against the bookcase on the wall until finally she catches someone watching them. Keira Knightley undressing in front of a guy, partially covering her breasts as she sits down on a bed.

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The guy then joins her and they begin to have sex, her left nipple popping into view a couple times. The nudity in this clip was edited out for the release of the movie in theaters in the US and the Blu-ray release.

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Good quality capture of an unedited version of The Duchess. Keira Knightley rolling her stockings down as she undresses, then seen lying topless on her back in bed with a guy, her left breast coming into view as she moves her arm.

She and the guy then have sex, and we see a bit more skin from Keira in the process.

From The Edge of Love. Keira Knightley in a muddy and wet dress that clings to her breast as she is lowered into a bath tub and a few nurses start to sponge her off. At one point her dress opens slightly and we get a view of her left nipple.