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Watch with Urban Movie Channel. Strip clubs can't exist without music. The soundtrack is what powers the moves and the dollars, but the kind of music to which strippers dance has changed repeatedly throughout history.

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Today, playing the right song can make or break a strippers night and an artists career so the visible image of strippers and the clubs are embodied in hip-hop culture. Addiction is a powerful weapon and money is the root of all evil.

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The competition between who can get the most money causes a dangerous environment in and outside of the club but the adrenaline rush gained when the dollar is presented is the motive that keeps them going every night. Exotic dancing is part of the sex industry. Dancers aren't supposed to sell Online music naked hustle per se.

What they do sell is a sexual fantasy and sometimes, that fantasy paves the way to a booming pole fitness businesses across the country. Whether it started as a family business, a group of girls displaying artistic pole techniques or a competition between who can get the most dollars thrown the evolution of strip clubs have evolved into a sexual phenomenon.

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Whats the love life really like outside of the club for an exotic dancer. Many of the dancers are mothers, students and wives. We will explore how they manage these different facets, deal with relationships while gaining insight on significant others and family members to get their perspectives.

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How long is too long in the land of exotic dancing. Goals are set but do dancers actually stick to it. Starting a business, paying off college tuition or having financial freedom is what they set out but their struggle lies in entering back into the world of "regular" living.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Naked Hustle takes viewers inside the taboo and compelling world of strip clubs. Featuring testimonials from dancers, influential DJs, cultural commentators and patrons, this docuseries shows how life at the club impacts dancers personally and how strip club culture has shaped hip-hop history. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Send us Feedback Get Help. Married To the Money. Customers who Online music naked hustle this item also watched.

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