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Space Mountain sometimes known as Hyperspace Mountain from is an indoor, space-themed roller coaster in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Opened on May 27,it was the second Mountain dick dale coaster built at Disneyland, and was the second of the five versions of Space Mountain built by The Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney originally conceived the idea of a space-themed roller coaster for Disneyland following the success of the Matterhorn Bobsledswhich opened in However, a number of factors including lack of available space, Walt Disney's death, and the Disney company's focus on building what would become Mountain dick dale Disney World led to the project's postponement in the late s.

Soon after, Disney began plans to build a smaller version of Space Mountain at Disneyland, and opened Disneyland's Space Mountain in The design of Disneyland's Space Mountain was replicated at Tokyo Disneyland in and Hong Kong Disneyland in ; the Tokyo Mountain dick dale was significantly changed in to become more similar to refurbished Magic Kingdom version.

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Space Mountain has undergone a number of major upgrades and refurbishments over the years, including the addition of an onboard soundtrack inMountain dick dale of the exterior in andand a complete replacement of the original track and ride vehicles from to Most recently in NovemberSpace Mountain was given a new overlay and theme in anticipation for Star Wars: Following a two-day closure, the original Space Mountain was restored and reopened on June 1, The early success of the Matterhorn Bobsleds — opened in — convinced Walt Disney that thrill rides did have a place in Disneyland.

The roller coaster's design evolved over the next couple of years, and the name "Space Mountain" was first used for the concept in June The design was later deemed impossible due to technological limitations as well as the limited space available at Disneyland.

Walt Disney's death in December as well as the company's focus on the Disney World project led the company to shelve the Space Mountain project. Like Disneyland, the Mountain dick dale Kingdom also lacked thrill rides at the time of its opening in However, the park became unexpectedly popular with teenagers and young adults, and as a result, Disney began plans to add thrill rides there as well.

Designers determined that the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland lacked the necessary space to replicate Disneyland's Matterhorn, Mountain dick dale noted a large amount of space available in Tomorrowland. This, coupled with advances in technology since the project was shelved, led Disney to revive the Space Mountain project.

The original Space Mountain opened at the Magic Kingdom inand its early success led Disney to re-visit the idea of building Space Mountain at Disneyland. Because of space limitations, the dual-track layout of the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain was not Mountain dick dale at Disneyland, and a much smaller building was constructed.

The second Space Mountain opened ininvigorating a decade -old Tomorrowland as Disneyland's second roller coaster. The lone exception was Gus Grissomwho had died along with two other astronauts in a tragic launchpad fire ten years earlier. The attraction continued operating without much change: InFedEx which had by this time was holding sponsorship for the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain became the official sponsor for the ride, sparking a number of significant alterations.

The queue area was revamped with television monitors looping safety videos, the loading Mountain dick dale had a new Audio-Animatronic robot FedEx worker, and other scenic areas were modeled to include FedEx trademarks.

Incomposer Aarin Richard and show producer Eddie Sotto teamed up to create an on-board music track. The creative vision was to fuse two iconic musical forms of the s — sci-fi horror music and surf music — into a sensory ride experience. All of the music written for the version was based on "Le Carnival Des Animaux: The first section of the ride's music was synthesized and entirely devoted to the sci-fi aspect Mountain dick dale the rockets left the station to begin their slow climb to the top of the mountain.

After the vehicles crested the third lift hill, a rocking surf rendition of the piece kicked in as gravity pulls the vehicles down through the ride's interweaving turns, hills, and dips. Guitarist Dick Dale was brought into the Disney Imagineering recording studio to play his famous surf guitar riffs for this section of the music. As the rockets reentered the loading station, Mountain dick dale brief musical finale concluded the experience with a soft, synthesized rendition of "Aquarium.

Inthe Dick Dale soundtrack was replaced by an original composition by composer Michael Giacchino that is synchronized to the track. Like the former soundtrack, the opening portion has a sci-fi sound with theremin influences during the ascent switching to a beat-driven score during the high-speed sections of the attraction.

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Inthe exterior of the structure was painted in a greengoldcopperand bronzeto match the recent facelift to Tomorrowland, and the Goodyear Speed Ramp was removed, but the main ride itself was unchanged Space Mountain's changes were rather minor compared to other changes made in the — facelift. The ride closed suddenly on April 10,with an announcement that it would remain closed until Disneyland's 50th anniversary.

The ride had Mountain dick dale unstable and would need a complete track replacement.

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On July 15, with "soft openings" starting July 1only two days before Disneyland's official Mountain dick dale AnniversarySpace Mountain reopened from a major refurbishment that started in April The mountain was restored to its original white. Neil Armstrong for his courage and adventurous spirit that continues to inspire all mankind to reach for the stars".

The plaque also features the Disney quote "It's kinda fun to do the impossible". The new Space Mountain featured new rocket sleds, new special effects and a storyline.

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The completely rebuilt Mountain dick dale is exactly the same layout as originally designed by Walt Disney Imagineer Bill Watkins in The only original track from the ride extends from the back end of the station, to the top of third lift, and the storage and spur tracks, as evidenced by the weld marks on these two track sections where the original and new tracks were joined together.

The foundation was laid 30 feet deeper, and floor of the mountain was lowered Mountain dick dale ten feet to make evacuation procedures easier, making the ride much safer than before.

The rockets no longer glow in the dark. Before it had a major renovation, the ride was manufactured by Fabriweld Bending Company. After it had a major renovation, it was manufactured by Dynamic Structures.

Inthe ride was given a Star Wars overlay titled Hyperspace Mountain, which has come and gone over the years. Among the changes are that the ride vehicles are now referred to as "reconnaissance vessels", the setting being the planet Jakku from Star Wars: The Force Awakensand the pre-flight safety video featuring a briefing from Admiral Ackbar. Inthe standby queue Mountain dick dale extended into the upper level of the former Starcade. The ride begins in the loading station where guests board the trains.

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Once the trains are loaded, they move forward to a holding area, where a lap bar check is made and so the train may wait its turn to start Mountain dick dale circuit. When the rocket is released, the red strobe lights surrounding the train flash and it makes a right turn, before climbing the first lift hill.

At the top, two strobe lights flash on and the rockets enter a tunnel of flashing blue lights to signify the transfer of power to Mountain dick dale trains. Leaving the tunnel, the train then climbs the second lift hill, a long tunnel filled with screens. As the trains begin their climb, red beams stretch along the screens and spin as a galaxy is seen swirling at the very top of the tunnel.

As the trains crest the lift, the galaxy swirls up and vanishes.

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The music climaxes as the trains emerge into the main part of the ride, the inside of the dome. Trains make a u-turn before ascending one more small lift hill. A countdown begins as the vehicles crest the hill and the rockets are sent into a high-speed ride through the dome. The ride Mountain dick dale of many turns and small dips with the illusion of speed given by the fact that the track is barely visible to the riders.

The ride approaches the end by plunging in a series of tight right hand turns, gradually picking up speed. With a sudden left turn, the Mountain dick dale enter the re-entry tunnel with many colorful stars flying towards them and two flashes of light as the onride photo is taken. The trains hit the final brake run and make a final right u-turn back into the station.

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Also part of this major "new" Space Mountain was a nighttime transformation of the attraction to Rockin' Space Mountainin which the calmer soundtrack of the attraction in daytime hours was to be replaced at night by a driving rock soundtrack, and different special effects.

Mountain dick dale to the original plans for the attraction to only be "Rockin'" in the evening, "Rockin' Space Mountain" ran during all operating hours of the park.

Rockin' Space Mountain does not use the Dick Dale soundtrack. This soundtrack, however, makes one final appearance on Disneyland's 60th Anniversary 3-CD box set.

Space Mountain Music: Old vs....

Space Mountain received an edited version of the band's song " Higher Ground ". The song has been remixed to "heighten every twist, turn, rise and drop of the attraction. The main differences between the regular and Rockin' Space Mountain include: Riders begin their journey with "Uncle" Joe Benson, a radio disc Mountain dick dale from the Disney-owned The "rocket rockers" continue the flight with a "sound check" with guitar riffs accompanied by projections of bright colors and sound waves.

While looking up the second lift hill, the spiral galaxy is no longer in place, but instead riders see a sun going Mountain dick dale.

Finally, once riders crest the lift, the sun explodes. Once on the degree turn next to the asteroid, there is a few seconds of no screaming.

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This allows riders to hear the sound of screaming riders and the soundtrack from other trains in the mountain. The soundtrack then transitions into the song, "Higher Ground" at the bottom of the third lift hill. During this lift hill, "Uncle" Joe Benson comes back to say "No matter Mountain dick dale planet you're from, we're about to rock your world.

And it's all gonna happen in 5, Mountain dick dale, 3, 2, rock and roll! Many colored lights line the tracks strobing in sequence and projecting on walls and the surroundings. Another notable change to the station is that the "neon" lights that flash when a rocket train is "launched" to the right remain on and do not shut off, which makes the station a tad bit brighter.

Space Mountain is an indoor,...

Also, the front attraction sign included "Rockin'" above "Space Mountain" while a color-changing light illuminated the spire above the sign at night. The design of the on ride photos were changed as well, which included the Rockin' Space Mountain logo, and many musical notes floating in space around riders. Mountain dick dale the failure of Space Mountain: Nightmare Nebula on Octoberanother transformation took Mountain dick dale in the form of a scary replacement, called Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy, which includes special effects ghosts in space, new audio, and projections on the outer mountain of the building.

The overlay was first featured at Hong Kong Disneyland in It was a huge success so they decided to bring it to Disneyland for Halloween Time and returned seasonally every year. Noticeable modifications to the ride include a change in lighting during the first lift, the dimming of the hyper-speed tunnel, the addition of lightning visuals during the second lift and ghostly images inside the mountain itself.

These ghostly images interact with the rocket trains, swiping, chasing and "throwing" the trains around the mountain.

The Starfield is unchanged. Even though the reentry tunnel is the same, a skull-shaped nebula appears Mountain dick dale the trains make a right-hand turn back into the station.

Two-thirds of the queue have been unchanged but the Space Mountain sign is now changed to Ghost Galaxy. Inside the Space Port, the planet screen at the front of the station has been changed to reflect the overlay, as well.

Check out Space Mountain (From...

While viewing the planet, a green "storm" appears over the planet, causing interruptions to the video feed. Outside on the mountain, six projections play, with several Halloween-themed color schemes appearing between these projection shows:. The overlay featured a soundtrack with selections from John Williams 's Mountain dick dale of the Star Wars films, with projections depicting a mission towards the planet Jakku a site introduced during The Force Awakens to investigate the presence of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer as commanded by Admiral Ackbarflight through a hyperspace jump and battles with X-wings and TIE fighters.

Space Mountain (From Space Mountain Dick Dale Version) · Dick Dale | Length: This track is on the 6 following albums: Disney Classics · Dick Dale. “You know what Mountain dick dale be a good spooky-sounding song to add to your list?

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