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How to type underscore

Sexy Video How to type underscore.

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I'm using gtk, and all the function names have many underscores. Do you have any tips on how to type these more effectively? Using a programmable foot pedal could help you out a bit.

What's wrong with holding shift with your left hand and using your pinky from your right hand? That's what I do -- it's probably the fastest once you get used to touch typing it.

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Hitting the underscore key isn't much harder than hitting any upper case letter, since it's just a key combined with Shift. You can always copy it to the clipboard and type Control-V if your fingers have a problem hitting the numeric row consistently.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to quickly type underscore? Claudiu 5 16 For the fastest underscore possible, you could swap the space bar and the underscore keys.

This is a legitimate question people. I know vote to close is exciting but try to calm those itchy fingers. P If this gets closed I'll vote to reopen.

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If only so much attention were spent on my more legit questions about GTK. Use an editor with auto-complete functionality? Dav 5 7.

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A decent editor will auto-complete for you. Hmm, I think swapping the underscore and spacebar keys is more efficient.

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Komodo edit 7 is pretty good with python! Jawa 3, 8 24 Stefano Borini 5 20 You combine the chance to become a professional How to type underscore programmer with the chance to become a death metal drummer. Not a proper answer, but it sure made me laugh: Try using Autohotkey Include a configuration like: I'd give the example using another key I never use that thing.