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Is religion a deal breaker in relationships

xXx Videos Is religion a deal breaker in relationships.

But for me the issue is non-religion.

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I am not religious and couldnt bele with someone who is. It annoys me so much. Once I started dating a guy…. I mentioned it in our 2nd week of dating. We are able to debate without conflict. Our children will grow up with the information in front of them and make the choice for themselves as we both have done.

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You kind of have to be to survive hate free in this world. I think it depends on a lot of factors.

Respect is an issue. We agree there is merit in both and respectfully disagree. We laugh about who wil turn out to be wrong.

The only deal-breaker for us was an unwillingness to compromise about our differences! Our children will be raised Catholic and Jewish.

My future Fiance is Christian,I am an atheist. We are so in love. Once his family finds out they will be very upset they are suuuuper extremebut that shouldnt matter! All in all he is the one you will be marrying.

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I have had my doubts trust me! Sometimes he ask me to go to church with him and I will, its interesting learning new things.

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I dont agree with his beliefs at all, it all sounds like a bunch of bogus to me, but I love him and will sit through it with him. Sometimes I ask to not go and he its ok with it.

At the beginning he had alot of questions as to why I didnt believe.

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He eventually learned I will never convert and dont wish to. The last little disagreement we had he said that he was scared I wouldnt go to heaven with him and we wouldnt get to spend all eternity together.

After he said that I understood why he was having trouble with this and saw it as sweet. He finally layed off with it, started to respect my decision and I did with his.

It actually depends if both...

Its smooth as pie now. With children involved we will raise them christan IF they deciede they dont want to. Then they are free to choose whatever they like.

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