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Why are we afraid of death

Porn FuckBook Why are we afraid of death.

Patagonia is my favorite place, but I never thought it could be my last. I was trekking through the beautiful forest like I did many times before. But on this occasion, my stressed mind played me a trick, and I found myself lost.

It was too dark and late to see my way back. I thought I was going to die. My clothes were not suited to spend the night in the middle of nowhere.

Live the way you want...

Great endings make us remember a movie forever. In our lives, we avoid writing that last episode. I felt afraid that night in Patagonia.

But because I believed I could do more. But death feels dark and sad. As the great philosopher Thomas Nagel asks: As long as a person exists, he has not yet died. You might think this is too rational. Or that it lacks compassion to those who lost their loved ones. We can either hold onto sadness or turn that loss into something meaningful.

To them, they are not...

One of my friends passed away earlier this year. It took us all by surprise. We were just assimilating his recent cancer diagnosis.

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