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Growing up with a father who was a very keen amateur photographer and sitting through countless slide shows of his work, I guess I developed an eye for it without even realizing it.

We built a darkroom at home and I quickly learnt how to process and print my own black and white photos. Women erotic photographers high school I applied for and was accepted into a Diploma of Photography course at the Queensland College of Art. Over the next two years I received my grounding in all aspects of photography but after leaving, I was still unsure of what area of photography I wanted to pursue.

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I got a job at the local camera store and my plan was to work and build up my equipment before breaking out into the world of professional photography but unfortunately that took me a lot longer to do than I predicted. My love at the time was for landscape and wildlife photography so I spent my weekends and holidays camping and exploring my local areas Women erotic photographers building a decent portfolio.

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So with the prize money, I booked a trip to every wildlife photographers dream location — Africa. A few years later I ticked off another one of the locations on my dream list and headed to Antarctica.

Of course, being an artist, Jennifer sees it all a bit differently, sighting her insane work ethic, tireless perseverance and perhaps most importantly- Her childlike wonder.

Italian photographer Marco Tenaglia is Women erotic photographers for his unconventional black and white fashion portraiture. His bold and intriguing photographic vision is the result of a mixture of both contemporary and classic styles, inspired by masters like Helmut Newton.

Often photographed in recurring poses, placed in luxury or decadent settings, they show Women erotic photographers strong personality and a sort of cold sensuality. He predominantly focuses on juxtaposing the perceptible beauty of the female form against our manufactured environment.

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Observing my choice of location, placement and positioning of the model, use of props, along with my use of Women erotic photographers and lines, each viewer is able to surmise his or her own conclusion about the relationship of man and his environment. This is why there is an element of the unexpected, mixed with an overtone of solitude yet erotica in his work.

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Reka moved back to NYC in and started her career as a photographer. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the US and Europe.