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Thay shaved me befor labor

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Huggies Forum Forum Help. Welcome Active Popular Browse. I've got just over 5 weeks until Bubs 1 is due and am finalizing my birth plan. I have had advice from friends to shave pubic hairs but others have just trimmed.

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I realise it will come down to personal preference, but I'm just wondering what others have experincesd. Posted Friday 17 October Hi Cat This is just me, but i never worried about. I can't even remember if I shaved my legs before going to the hospital Oops! Mind you I am a person who likes to be clean shaven, legs and under arms.

I know once they use to shave you back when my mum had me 33yrs ago like once they use to give you an enema, now you have to request one. But like you said it comes down to personal preference.

If it will make you feel better to shave below, then its your choice.

No one will worry if you do or don't. I know some ladies like to be waxed clean, I think it would hurt, but im a sook.

I mean child birth is painful enough! Do what ever will make you feel the best.

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There is no medical reason I know of that you have to be clean shaven below. I trimmed with my husbands clippers for my first born because I thought I would be embaressed if it was a bit of a jungle down stairs, but considering the heamrhoids sp?

Good luck with it all dont cut off anything you might need later smile. Posted Saturday 18 October My hospital actually gave me a leaflet advising people not to shave or wax before you go into hospital as it can actually increase the risk of you getting an infection and may lead to ingrown hair which can become infected and delay the healing processes after having a baby.

My DP and i went away to the coast 2 weeks before bub was due, to sorta have our last alone time together.

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I wanted to feel somewhat sexy, so i got waxed i usually get waxed anyway and as bub came 5 days early i was still waxed for the event smile I had a fully natural birth and afterwards i unfortunately had the pleasure of a 3rd degree tear, the doctor stitching me said it makes their job easier when there is no hair, as shaving a woman after she's given birth is not so easy. Posted Sunday 19 October With dd I was single and huge and could not even see down there so didn't bother shaving.

I had a shower while in labour and think I shaved under my arms and legs though. I do normally prefer to be shaved and this time since I'm not single I'll Thay shaved me befor labor df to do it once I'm in labour.

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